My Meeting Experience: A Medical Director’s Perspective

My Meeting Experience: A Medical Director’s Perspective

Dr. Carolyn Russo
Carolyn Russo, MD, is medical director of the Affiliate Program and an associate member of the Department of Oncology at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the following interview, Dr. Russo discusses why she chose to attend the 2016 ASCO Quality Care Symposium, as well as what she hopes to take away from the meeting.

Daily News: Why have you decided to attend the ASCO Quality Care Symposium?

Dr. Russo: This is my first ASCO Quality Care Symposium. I have attended other ASCO and cosponsored symposia and found them more accessible than the ASCO Annual Meeting. I recently accepted a medical director position, and ensuring high-quality care at multiple sites is an important challenge for me in this new role.

Daily News: How does the quality of care affect your day-to-day work? What type of information are you most interested in taking away from the Symposium?

Dr. Russo: It’s important for everyone to be involved in proving quality care—it’s a team effort. As a medical director and practicing clinician, I deal with quality care issues every day. I hope to learn how to incorporate uniform quality improvement across multiple physical sites, as well as how to motivate providers to enact quality improvements.

Daily News: Which sessions do you plan on attending at this year’s Symposium, and why?

Dr. Russo: I’m looking forward to attending the General Session on “What Works in Improving Cancer Care, What Doesn't Work, and Why” because this area is new to me. I am also looking forward to the General Session on “Safe Cancer Care Viewed Through the Lens of Engineers” because I am learning that cultivating relationships outside of my usual network is empowering.